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STOTT PILATES Certified Instrucor

Balanced Body Certified Instructor

Franklin Method LV1 Educator

 CoreAlign Harmony 수료

CoreAlign 1.Foundations & 2.Progressions 수료

Primal Movement WORKS! Foundation 수료 

Osteopathy 수료



Breast Cancer, Training to Heal (by Joy Puleo)

Proximal control to better knee function (by Cara Reeser & Jeremy Laverdure)

Bringing Movement to Mind (by Tom McCook) 

Hip-Notizer on the Reformer Tower (by Victor Uygan)

Pre & Postnatal Pilates (by Leah Stewart)

Pilates for Scoliosis (by Madeline Black)

CYRIAX Kinesiology of Hip and Lumbo-Pelvic Region

Franklin Method, Psoas etc. (by Tom McCook)

Pelvic Power 1,2 (by Eric Franklin)

Pelvic Fascia Trainer (by Eric Franklin)

Fascia Trainer for the Lower Back (by Eric Franklin)


 Be a pineapple :)

Stand tall, 

Wear a crown,

and be sweet on the inside