Seoul National University - French Language Education B.A. 

서울대학교 - 불어교육과 졸업 


Balanced Body Anatomy in 3D 취득 

Balanced Body Mat(1,2) 취득 

Balanced Body Reformer(1,2,3) 취득 

Balanced Body Apparatus (1,2,3) 취득 

Balanced Body CoreAlign 수료

Balanced Body BODHI 수료

Balanced Body Orbit 수료

 Franklin Method 수료 

Primal Movement WORKS! Foundation 수료

CoreAlign Harmony 수료 

Osteopathy 수료


Reconditioning Specialist - Absolute Center

The Cervical Powerhouse - Cara Reeser 

Breast Cancer, Training to Heal - Joy Puleo

Designing Awesome Chair Classes - Portia Page

Pilates for children  - Brett Howard

Oov case study - Daniel Vladeta

 Moving Imagination  - Dawnna Wayburne

 Franklin Method - Eric Franklin 

Back Extensions - Niedra Gabriel

Pilates for Scoliosis - Madeline Black

Archetypal Postures - Phillip Beach

Scapular stabilization - Rael Isacowitz

Support the Arms - Madeline Black 

Hip Connections - Madeline Black 

Work Smarter Not Harder - Shelly Power  

 Franklin Method, Psoas etc. - Tom McCook

Konnector - Victor Yugan

  견관절 복합체의 근골격계 질환의 재활 - KPIF

골반과 요추의 안정화 - CYRIAX



Balanced Body 지도자 교육과정

STOTT 지도자 교육과정

Balanced Body CoreAlign etc.

Dr. Suzanne Martin Breast cancer etc.

The Center For Women's Fitness pre/post natal etc.

Pilates On Tour 2015년 ~ 2019년


Feel great about your self everyday through the little practices.

Be the best version of you and

love yourself, 

love others, 

and love all the creature that breath.